SDD Wageningen starts ‘vlogs’ to define Sustainable Development Diplomacy by interviewing experts in different fields

The Capita Selecta course, Sustainable Development Diplomacy (SDD), elaborated on the contested and ‘comprehensive’ definition of SDD. In addition to this course SDD students had the opportunity to attend several  masterclasses, and conferences.  During this period it became apparent that the term of SDD is shaped by a mosaic of different interpretations and implementations, which makes it hard to grasp the multi-level field of SDD. Hence, Veerle Boekestijn and Kyra van den Hil established a vlog, in which different experts of different fields within SDD share their experiences and interpretations. The main aim of this vlog is to broaden the discussion around what constitutes Sustainable Development Diplomacy, in a way that reaches beyond our own community.

Veerle and Kyra have contacted experts on SDD within and outside the academic environment.

The experts were asked to recommend one article or book that underpins their interpretation on SDD and explain why this text holds valuable insights. It turned out that this is a fruitful way for these experts to elaborate on their invaluable personal experiences within SDD, and to share these in an accessible way. Moreover, the vlog, a pallet of different interpretations, explanations and tips, can be of great valua for students to learn more about the multidisciplinary character of Sustainable Development Diplomacy.

If you have an idea of somebody who would be a valuable addition to this project, then please don’t hesitate to contact either Kyra or Veerle to see how we can try to include her/him. We are, just as everybody, biased by our own social and geographical situatedness, resulting in an overrepresentation of professors of Wageningen University. We are therefore specifically interested in experts outside the academia.

Thea HilhorstBrian LowryMarcel Beukeboom

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