Andita Aulia Pratama

Hi! My name is Andita Aulia Pratama! You can call me just Dito anyway!

I came from Yogyakarta, Indonesia (it is somewhere in the middle of java island fyi) and graduated from Universitas Gadjah Mada majoring Forest Management. I am currently pursuing my master degree in forest and nature conservation specializing in SDD tracks. It is very convenient for me to continue studying about environment, particularly forestry, since I also studied it previously. For me, environmental issues are always interesting and relevant.

At present, at least for the upcoming six months, I will be busy with my thesis on the forest certification topic. I am very keen on an economic issue around the international environmental policy. Since certification is basically a market-based instrument it is somehow pretty muck linked to the economic issues as well.  Outside the academic life, I like playing video games (well, no one is too old for video games – plus I am not that old yet), listening as well as watching a music show, and I also like travelling a lot. Living in the Netherlands which is somewhere in the middle of Europe gave me the opportunity to visit plenty of countries in Europe already.

If you wish to contact me, you can reach me via my personal email: or by phone at +31 6 3364 8619.

Welcome to the SDD! Cheers!