Christopher Schwarz


Engagements in previous studies and work projects allowed me to gather experiences from different sectors and therefore gave me the chance to develop solid analytical, mediating and problem-solving skills in an international environment.

 Prior to my enrolment in this master track, I have been working as an international tradesman and business developer for hardwood producing companies from The Netherlands and Malaysia and was employed as a forest management expatriate in Cameroon. During my engagements I was given the opportunities to speak as guest lecturer on issues of Sustainable Forest Management, Legality & Compliance (EU) and Environmental Certification. I graduated with a double-degree in B.Sc. Forest Management (HFR, Germany) & B.Sc. International Timber Trade (VHL, The Netherlands), in 2010.

 With a multidisciplinary background in forest science, timber production and international trade, I am very engaged in sustainable forest policy issues such as, legality and compliance, environmental certification and sustainable development in the sector of forestry.

 I believe that, at its core, sustainable diplomacy has the process of learning to live with, and to respect differences and foreignness and that such ‘new’ methods of interconnectivity, to mediate between different values and types of actors, are necessary.