Eunice Wangari

Hey Everyone, I am a 2nd year Master in Environmental Sciences, specializing in Sustainable Development Diplomacy.  My passion in sustainable development stems from my personal and professional experiences. As a girl child born to an Agricultural Extension Officer and an Accountant, and brought up in the Nairobi Suburbs, I was exposed to environmental conservation, improved farming methods and gender sensitive concepts early in life. My District was commonly known as the vegetable basket of Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi. That has changed over the years, with the fertile lands being converted to residential areas to house the huge population that work in Nairobi. This conversation was fuelled by the inability of farmers to cope with the changing weather patterns and therefore seeking alternative sources of income. As a micro finance officer in the 2nd largest bank in Kenya, I witnessed first-hand how these unsustainable land use changes coupled with lack of climate smart farming practices, have devastated the lives of the poor, in particular the women. I was convinced that there was more I can do and be part of the solution.

That gave me a push to gain a deeper understanding on  the current undertakings in all levels of governance to address the dire situation. That is how I ended up where I am today, an SDD student in an international university. Doing the SDD track has given me a global view of how the issues of sustainability, climate change and gender are perceived and handled at the international arena. It has also granted me an opportunity to interact with people from countries with different social economic and cultural backgrounds and that has enriched my outlook to how similar issues are handled in different places.

Apart from studying, I volunteer at Rural Wageningen Foundation as an Internal Affairs Commissioner and at the United Community of African Students as the Vice President. In my free time, I like to organise events, travel, cook, hang out with friends and reading short articles.

My mantra in life is: Today is the 1st day of the rest of my life. I have the power to shape my destiny irrespective of what my yesterday was.