Fenna Wielenga


Hello! My name is Fenna and I am a master student in Climate Studies, specializing in environmental governance and policy. I am particularly interested in the effects of climate change on human livelihoods and I therefore focus within my studies on topics such as water governance, city networks (with a specific interest in delta cities), climate securitization and disaster risk reduction. I have a background in International Relations (bachelor obtained at the University of Groningen), which is also one of the reasons I decided to do the special track Sustainable Development Diplomacy. I believe it is important to understand how, on different levels of governance, environmental issues are discussed, communicated and negotiated, if one wants to be able to solve the complex challenges, such as climate change, that we are currently facing. What I especially like about SDD is that it is a notion of diplomacy that goes beyond the traditional meaning and has a focus on all levels of governance, from local to global.

The aim for my future career is to work as a project manager on climate adaptation projects, either for the Dutch government or in the consultancy sector. I believe that my previous working experience at the Center for Promotion of Imports from developing countries (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands) and international experience in Sri Lanka, Morocco and Japan have helped me to start developing skills that are needed to achieve this goal, but I am eager to keep learning and I look continuously for new opportunities to further develop my personal and professional capacities.