Gersom van der Elst


Hi everyone, I am Gersom van der Elst, currently enrolled in the Sustainable Development Diplomacy track (2016-2018) within the masters of Environmental Sciences (specialisation Environmental Policy). I did my bachelors in International Development Studies, also at Wageningen University where I majored in development economics and partly at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences where I took a minor in environmental policy and economics.

I have always been moved by (international) social and environmental issues and the pursuit of a more equitable world. Over the last couple of years I have been convinced that in order to tackle the social and environmental challenges of our time, it is essential to reform our economic system. Therefore, I became an advocate of sustainable development and I am more than honoured to be a participant in this program.

Besides, I have been politically active since a few years both at the municipality level and as an active member of a political (youth) party. There I also learned that diplomacy is key in order to communicate ones ideas and to find agreements that respect mutual interests. I hope Sustainable Development Diplomacy will contribute increasingly to negotiate these best agreements in order to strengthen sustainable development in the coming years.

Gersom van der Elst