Jetske Vaas

jetske-vaasHi all!
My experience with SDD started in 2012, when accepted into the track as a student on International Development Studies. To be honest, subscribing to that track was more out of curiosity for this unknown field than a born affiliation. However, during the academic consultancy training I started to fully understand its significance, when trying to provide academic insights in a format that would help policy making. During an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica the reality of politics and policies in non-Western countries became painfully clear to me. It’s one of little resources coupled with high international demands to meet if you want to make your mark, and it made me wonder what international bodies like the UN have to offer those countries. Rather than being an avenue to represent everyone equally, its bureaucratic and diplomatic intricacies naturally selects those with ample time and man-power. Currently I’m pursuing a PhD with Utrecht University on the governance of invasive alien species in the Dutch Caribbean, three small islands that despite being part of the Netherlands still lack a lot in environmental management. Equity and power distribution are for me the most fascinating angle on sustainable development, and I prefer to work on the boundary between science and policy.