Lisa van Wageningen


I followed a Bachelor’s in International Relations in Groningen as well as a Bachelor’s in Religion Studies in the same city. During an internship at the Centre for Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague, my attention and interest was drawn towards a Master’s programme in International Development Studies in Wageningen. The existence of the SDD track convinced me to start studying at Wageningen University, because I believed I could combine my interest in international politics with my passion for sustainable development.
After being accepted in Wageningen, many jokes concerning my surname followed. During my Master’s I did an Academic Consultancy Training concerning Climate Smart Agriculture that was commissioned by the World Bank. I was an intern at the Secretariat of UN-REDD in the lovely city of Geneva where I learned about the ins- and outs of forest management as well as gained work experience at an international organisation. My thesis concerned the negotiation process and the implementation of a certification scheme on responsible shrimp farming. For this thesis I conducted fieldwork in Thailand and Vietnam and I interviewed more than forty people from all over the world. I focussed on the boundary between social and environmental issues and asked the question how this boundary is negotiated and implemented. It is exactly this theme that I am passionate about: how are social issues and environmental issues formulated, taken care of, and how do different parties aim to solve them? And what is the role of non-state actors in addressing these issues?
I graduated cum laude in August 2016 and am now looking for a job. As the thematic of how to deal with social issues in the seafood sector is gaining importance, I hope that I can find a job in this field. I would not mind doing this for whatever party: private, international or public, or whatever in between.