Quinten Pellegrom

14256770_10210784621034776_801235812_nI am Quinten Pellegrom and I am currently doing the Master Forest and Nature Conservation (MFN) at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands. From an early age I was interested in worldly environmental challenges. I was definitely fascinated by new technical solutions that were possible; like unmanned boats that produced clouds to block sunlight or mass reforestation by dropping ‘seed bombs’ from airplanes. I always have been fond of nature too, growing up near a large forest. These two things led me to do my bachelor in environmental science at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.
My bachelor was very practical and trained me to become a consultant and project leader rather than an academic. Being pragmatic, I liked this approach and specialised in project management, man-nature relationships, and sustainable area development.
Ambitious as I am, I wanted more after my bachelor. I wanted to be able to make real change on a European level. To do that, I needed a master degree to be taken more seriously abroad. So I applied for my current master course and focused on policy and society.
The SDD track fits perfectly with my ambitions to do project management on a European level. It gives me the knowledge of policy making on a high level and how to negotiate on environmental challenges. Something that project leaders must do very often with partners and stakeholders. The SDD track can also function as a jump starter for my international career. But most of all, the SDD track can help me to translate international policy and debates to actions on the ground. A link that often sorely is looked over.