Thijs Stoffelen

ThijsHi, thank you for your inquiry! My name is Thijs Stoffelen. Mid 2015 I have been given the opportunity to combine the Wageningen Master Program ‘International Land and Water Management’ with the SDD Master Track. This combination inspires me to address water related issues from within an SDD paradigm, often producing fascinating and surprising observations. The interface of both my study programs has given shape to my current MSc Thesis topic on “Water Diplomacy, negotiated cooperation”.
Before I started the MSc program at Wageningen University I obtained my BSc degree on construction engineering in 2008 and have been self-employed since graduation. Regarding the future career that might lay ahead, I have only one precondition, it needs to be challenging!
The SDD Community of Practice ensures a dynamic working environment with peers from a wide variety of studies, yet all sharing a similar worldview. Each member contributes to a collective ability to grow and develop as a community and individually.
Feel welcome to contact me in case any questions would arise….
Thanks again!