Xanthe Verschuur


Hi everyone,

My name is Xanthe and I’m currently doing a double masters degree, one in International Development (sociology specialisation) and the other in Forest and Nature Conservation (policy specialisation), as well as participating in the SDD Track. I decided to do both because I find one master too limiting – I believe that to understand our world’s current problems better, focusing on one discipline or perspective is not enough. With these two studies and the SDD track, similar topics and issues are discussed but from different angles, hence encompassing various case-studies, perspectives and theories from local/community level, national level, and global/ international level. I already feel that this helped improve my understanding of some of our world’s most urgent problems!

My main areas of interest are (marine) conservation, community-based projects (including conservation), conflict & disasters, and education. My background is quite international – I grew up in Kenya for the majority of life, but also spent some years in Brazil, the Netherlands and Wales. Since being in Wageningen, I have spent a semester abroad in New Zealand and helped collect data for a small NGO on artisanal elasmobrach (shark and ray) fisheries in Southern Mozambique.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

Xanthe Verschuur